Teen Driver Ed Minimum Required Course
30/6/6 with online Classroom $375
30-hours Online Classroom
6-hours BTW + 6-hours Observation
(FULL payment)
Teen Driver Ed Minimum Payment Plan
Classroom-Only Course (30-hours) online Classroom $375
30-hours Online Classroom
6-hours BTW + 6-hours Observation
$100 deposit to begin online class
$275 remaining in office with permit test.
Teen Driver Ed Refresher Course (10-hours) online Classroom
10-hours online classroom
Teen Driver Ed Classroom-Only Course (30-hours) online Classroom
30-hours online ONLY classroom
Classroom completion to take to another Driving School for BTW's
For more information:

Main Office:
3817 N. Oakland Ave.
Shorewood, WI 53211

Phone: 414-906 0652
Fax: 414-906 1947
414-906 0652

  • The payments for online and hybrid courses are made online in
    advance in full. Click the link to follow the steps for registration and

  • DMV test for Instruction Permit is done in-person, in our classroom; not
    online, and only for students under 18 years of age.

  • The Behind the Wheel portion of the Teen Driver Ed courses start
    when the student receives the Instruction Permit from the Department
    of Motor Vehicles. For that, the student needs to pass the knowledge
    and sign tests at our traditional classroom and receive a signed
    MV3001 Form from us.

  • Teen Driver Ed rules and Agreement Form needs to be signed in -
    person by parent in order for the student to receive the MV3001 Form.
    This is usually done after the online classroom is finished and the
    student comes to our classroom to take the permit test. In the case of
    the Classroom-only course, the forms need to be signed any time
    before the classroom-proof is submitted by our school.

  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

  • There is no class or exam on the Federal Holidays.

  • Instruction Permit: After the teenager gets the Instruction Permit,
    he/she has to start the Behind the Wheel part within 60 days.

  • Missed BTW lesson: Lada Driver School, LLC has a no-show fee
    policy for each missed BTW lesson that has not been cancelled with at
    least 24-hour notice.

  • Please note the approximate map of our current Teen Driver Ed Behind
    the Wheel pick-up drop-off area below: